Green things

I was sure my garden was a lost cause. I kicked myself for not tending it, sighed deeply when I thought about all those squash that would never be and wondered by only my basil produced.
Then Ruby and I took one last look at it.
Behold! Green Beans! And there are more that will be ready in the next few days!
And green peppers! There are baby green peppers! Amazing!
Still no tomatoes but I am hopeful! I'll water it tonight and weed tomorrow and maybe that will help. Is it to late to plant more?


Sarah Mae September 20, 2008  

I don't know if it's too late to plant more, but I do know the excitment of growing your own veggies! We just planted our first garden this year with tomatoes and green peppers - and they are so yummy! Your green beans look great!

Cliff and Jessica September 22, 2008  

Congrats on the garden! I am itching to have a house with my own yard so that I can plant a garden next year. Isn't it great that all you had to do was plant them this year and God did the watering and produced the fruit. You could make a great sermon illustration about that!! Ha! I love you and cannot wait to see you guys. Cliff and I are going to be coming in to Arlington the first weekend of October. We'd love to swing by ya'lls place on the way there or back if ya'll will be in town!

Kim September 23, 2008  

We might be talking soon. I've decided to grow some herbs I use a lot (basil and rosemary) and I'm really not good with plants. They're both alive, for the moment, but I'm afraid I might be losing a basil. We will see.

Kim September 23, 2008  

my basil is not outside. should it be? i wanted to grow it inside in pots because i forget about plants and such. should it be on the porch?

Kim September 24, 2008  

hmm...i'm down with neglect. :D I think I'll try moving it outside and see how it does for a few days. thanks!