School and School Bags!

I've survived my first week of being "back to school" and am feeling ok about it. I know it's going to be hard and homework is going to have to be higher on my list of priorities than I'd like it to be but I know that's it's important and I'm glad that I'm not taking time off from it. I also met with an adviser this week and if I take some summer classes and keep my GPA up I can graduate fall of '09 or spring '10 Magna Cum Laude! Pretty cool - and not that far away! It's farther away than I would like, especially since my "peers" from high school are graduated, but it's less than two years away! It's now my goal to graduate Magna (or higher) in two years or less. Wow... writing that down makes it sort of scary - what if I don't make it? Ok, I'm also going to try to not get ahead of myself. Think happy thoughts...
In an effort to remain positive about going back to school I've decided to make a new school bag. I'd love to buy one of these from Etsy sellers christystudio and ChickBags but feel I should use what I have.

So I'm going to put a design like one I saw on a pillow at Anthropologie a while back (always look, never buy) on a simple white book tote I've got laying around. I'll maybe get it done by next week. I'll be sure to post pics when I'm done.


Liz September 03, 2008  

Ging, I'm so proud of you!
And you should make me a bag too....