Origami Tessellations

That's right, you heard right, Origami Tessellations. Two awesome things that I when paired become even more awesome.
While google-ing for tessellations today I happened up this website and was blown away. From there I checked out Flickr and found all kinds of cool origami tessellations and even some just straight up awesome origami.
I've always liked math and as I've gotten older have gotten more interested in things that also pop up in art like tessellations and phi. I recently read a book all about phi and it's history and loved it. In fact I'm going to try to find it again and hopefully more like it.
I hope your week began well today. Enjoy. Oh, you can click on the images for their original locations!

Origami Tessellation by Eric Gjerde

By Andrea Russo

By John McKeever - thiomor on Flickr

Edited on Sept. 8 (Thanks Ray!)- This one IS out of just one sheet of paper! Awesome! It's by Joel Cooper


Ray September 08, 2008  


It's hard to believe, but Joel Cooper's masks are all out of one sheet of paper, no cuts. They use the same concepts as other origami tessellations, but he has mastered the control of depth.

You can check out the community pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/origamitessellations/


Cliff and Jessica September 08, 2008  

Those are so beautiful. :) Thanks for sharing. Love you!

The Mays Family September 08, 2008  

We are cooking out on Saturday and wanted to invite you guys over. LEt me know if you are free at about 5pm? Hope you can come!

ziptieisthenewducttape September 09, 2008  

You are lovely, thanks for having a beautiful heart. I dream of kisses and sweet whispers on our pillow before the gray sky wakes up.

Court September 10, 2008  

hmm... I was really hoping someone else would comment about how dirty the word testellations is. Haven't seen you in forever, hope everything is good. Ruby is precious, I love her dark hair!