Knitting and Enzo Update

Chuck told me yesterday that I should describe what I've knitted because the photo doesn't even show everything. Included in the photo is a feather and fan baby blanket in a chunky cream-colored, corn-flower blue (like the crayola crayon) and rusty rose multi-colored yarn. On the left, there's a pair of fingerless gloves that I'm wearing one of and the hunter green (forest green?
What's the difference?) is the start of a sweater for Enzo that I'm nearly done with. I have to make another sleeve and sew it all together - I'll be sure to post a photo when I finish. I hope it turns out alright!
Here's the link for the sweater.
Not in the photo are a shorter pair of pink fingerless gloves for my littlest sister and a baby cuddle sack in a warm fuzzy black and white yarn. Here's a link to a pattern for one although I didn't use it for the first one I plan to make more and will try out various sizes and yarn weights.

I'll have more time to work on the sweater because I'm now on stricter bed rest - as in actually laying in bed, only allowed to go to the bathroom - but since I'm still 90% effaced and now 3cm I may not have
that much time. Kathleen told me that I'm a "generous" 3cm and followed that by telling me who will be on call this weekend. That doesn't mean that I'll be having Enzo this weekend, of course, but ya never can tell.

So that's where I'm at. In bed. I'll keep y'all posted. Thatfully it's almost the weekend and my sister and Mother-in-law have already assured me they'd stay with me next week so I don't have to worry about Ruby getting taken care of. Thanks to everyone that  has offered help and for all your prayers.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

The fruits of my Not going into labor

This is the most knitting I've ever completed. I can directly
contribute my increased knitting time to my modified bed rest or
"recliner rest" as we're calling it.

Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that you can be surrounded by
friends and/or family and meditate on the ultimate gift.
God gave us Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. Freedom is a gift
that's pretty hard to top. Communion with God along with that goes way
beyond any selfless giving that I can strive for. I have love and can
love because He first loved me.

Christmas Crafts

I've gotten most of my Christmas decorating done and while there are still a few crafty things I'd like to do and some lights I'd like to hang outside I'm really just looking forward to relaxing and spending time with family.

Oh, and I finished my last final so I'm all done with school until the summer or next fall! (I have to take the spring off because I'll be having a baby!)

Here's one of the decorations that I got done in time for Christmas this year. I have a feeling I'll just have to keep adding each year. I got our stockings made last year (thankfully I made a few extra so there's a matching one for Enzo!) and the nativity scene done this year so that's a project a year - not bad. It's a start anyway.

Here's a terrible photo of the stockings but it gives a better idea of the type of decor I'm going for.

I've also put some photos/links to other ideas I have, maybe I can still get a few whipped up before Christmas!

Here's my nativity set. I'd been searching for the perfect one ever since Chuck and I got married and finally just made one. It's based on (copied from?) a beautiful set by German artist Oliver Fabel.
I plan to get/make a set for Ruby - and Enzo! I'm still not used to saying two kids names - in the next few years that they can interact with/play with and recognize the figures of. I'd also like it to not be made up of middle aged white people.

Here are a few of the other decorations that I like and may get around to doing:

This little pine cone tree made by Etsy seller NH Woods Creations is very cute. I'm not sure where I would put something like this it but I like it!

These Recycled Magazine Trees are a bit more modern and could be recycled and remade each year!

I really want to make a few wall hangings with embroidery hoops but haven't decided on the images to embroider. Here's December's free pattern from Andrea Zuill. I'd like to stitch them on a linen colored fabric I have and make a bunting to match but I need to get some red fabric to make a bias tape for the bunting. I don't want it to be too "Christmasy" as in being covered with candy canes or Santas but I do love red and green this time of year.

Here's a free printable festive garland! There are a few designs to choose from even! I think I'll have time for one of these.

Speaking of free printable things - how about this adorable little winter house?!

I am certain that I will finish this next project because I think it's so very sweet. I got the idea from Soule Mama's blog but it's originally a Martha Stewart creation. Gingerbread Mobiles. Here's the page she ripped out of the Magazine. I love the room too!

We don't have a Christmas tree but if you do you should consider making a few of these - aren't they cool?!

And just in case you have more time than I and are in need of some more crafty-holiday-ideas check out these links!
Living Creatively (.com)'s Christmas Projects - it's a great site for everyday projects also

Have a great day and happy crafting! And remember, we've only got a week until Christmas!!!



Working on Ruby's Room

Suzanne was thoughtful enough to save me some tissue paper flowers
that were leftover from her sister's wedding. They hung them all over
from the ceiling and it looked great.
I decided that a few would look good in Ruby's room. I think I may
need to add a few more or hang them differently but it will do for
now. What do you think?

I'm going to do some fun paint treatments and possibly a mural in her
room also. Eventually. I have to keep in mind that Enzo will share
with her for a while, though, so it can't be too girly. Tissue flowers
are probably pretty girly, huh? Hmm...

Another Dishtowel Curtain

I need to add a border of some kind so it fits the window better but
this dishtowel that Suzanne gave me for my birthday is perfect for the
window in the door that leads to our garage. Don't you agree? If not
please give constructive feedback! :)

So about those decorations

Yes folks, that's snow on the ground. Granted it's still raining (not
snowing) but as long as the snow sticks for more than a few seconds I
count it as a win for winter. The decorations will start going up today!

Seasonal Decorating

The problem with decorating for the seasons in Texas is there aren't
clear deliniations between them. For example, how do I know when it's
winter decorating time? The leaves haven't all fallen yet, there's no
snow on the ground and the grass is still green! However, it may look
the same at Christmas and I most certainly want to have my winter
decorations up by then!
Maybe I'll start the switch next weekend.

In the mean time here's one last photo of one of my free Autumn
decorations: my paint chip wreath.
I have to confess that I already have plans for a winter wreath but
I'll talk more about that later.

When do you decorate for winter/Christmas?