We played with blocks today.


Having a snack. Naked cookies, according to Ruby. Ruby knows she's being silly and it makes her giggles even more enjoyable.


Enzo's first time swinging!
I missed a few days but want to keep it up so instead of everyday I'm going to try to better document the activities of our days. Like this milestone. So sweet. They're growing every day!

What day is it?

I'm surprised that I missed Sunday AND Monday! The days are flying by. Chuck and I begin at the University this Thursday. We got our books yesterday and I'm a little daunted by how many and how thick but trying to stay positive that the professors will be thorough and engaging and the subject matter interesting (history or fashion and history of surrealism should be pretty interesting). Also that neither is ultimately important and that God will get us through this busy season so I can choose to rest in his peace and strength or stress myself out trying to hold it together by my own strength.

Have a good Tuesday and keep an eye out for a few photos today. :)


I iz the champagne of kittiez.


Enzo has been eating more and more semi-solid foods each few days. Today he had some bananas and Ruby helped him eat them for dinner. So sweet.


We took a walk yesterday and I snapped a few photos of the Opera House building. I'm really liking purple right now.


Enzo in his upcycled t-shirt screen printed by local artist Jenn Gooch. We got it at the Denton Community Market. She was having a sale before moving out of state.

He's really trying

He is determined to make sleeping in the bumbo work. I'm not convinced it's worth it.


There's not much going on tonight. We had a full day but I (not unpredictably) didn't photograph any of it. So here's a high contrast picture of our dining room ceiling fan.


Sunday afternoon treat. Rebu loves ice cream. She's loved it since before she was born. I wonder if that means that Enzo will love chocolate cake? Too bad for him he's not getting any until he's 10 years old. Ok grandparents maybe 6... No younger than 3!
We made a lot of progress on the kids room yesterday. Chuck got a nail gun kit which makes building bunk beds and bookcases way easier and I'm working on picking out the perfect wall color.


Technically Ruby took this photo on Saturday but it's better than any I took.


Ok, I'm caught up. Today is #18.
I'm still liking my dreads but there are days when I feel impatient. I just have to give myself a quick peptalk, though, and I'm glad I'm taking this journey.
This photo is evidence of the living room's cavelike quality. It's in line for renovations. Our goal is to finish the kids room before the fall semester (a couple of weeks) and I'm not sure what's next. Eventually he living room will get new Sheetrock (no more paneling) and a pleasant gray color on the walls at least. We have ideas for a skylight or two so it's less of a cave as well as a built in bookcase with a ladder!



Little blue eyed baby


I'm contemplating hanging a pot rack above the stove. Specifically a bicycle wheel that would act as a pot rack. What do you think? Would it look too cluttered? Would it be good only if I had really attractive pots?


I didn't take any photos yesterday. I get an F minus for the day but am back on track today. I'm not giving up! Here's Ruby talking on the phone to her Grandpa Mike. She's so big.


Enzo helped Gus open his presents. Happy first birthday Gus!


Stripes. I love the back of that little pudgy head.


Yesterday Chuck took a personal day and we had some much needed family time.


There are two photos today but I couldn't pick just one.

Where's Ruby?
(She had just gotten her nails painted)



Walking home from school.


Ruby was a bunny with her shirt on her head for her ears.


I unfortunately made it through yesterday without taking any photos but I was holding Ruby while Chuck took this one so I'm going to count it.
The air vent was blowing on Ruby and she was experimenting with how it blew her hair, fingers and face. She's so fun.

Artsy 5

This is the photo I was going to post for yesterday's photo cuz it's kinda artsy but truthfully I didn't take it and the photo of Chuck with a cake in a Dutch oven is way for fun. :)
But here's proof that we had a fancy date out for our anniversary and that I, on rare occasion, where something other than jersey and Toms.


Day 5 - and 5 years of marriage!
Chuck surprised me with a night away for our anniversary. (it's officially in Aug but we won't have a free weekend for a while so we're celebrating early)
Kind of a long story but he surprised me with a cake while we were out to dinner. It's in out dutch oven because he couldn't keep it in the box and keep it cool in the car so he put it in the pot in a cooler. He's ingenious and so sweet.
The cake was pretty sweet too. And it's still in the Dutch oven cuz we couldn't figure out how to get it out without mashing it. :)