Happy February!

Once again, nearly a month has gone by.
I've been keeping very busy with school and the house and all the little busy things that seem to take up so much time but then you don't seem to have anything to show for them.
I've been getting considerably fatter - and I'm going to make Chuck show me how to post pictures of it tonight!

I've been enjoying feeling the little person inside me kick around and really enoyed the few times that I could watch my stomach distort as little limbs pushed against it. It's the weirdest, most awesome thing. If only my vocabulary was as colorful as Chuck's - I'll have him post about it as soon as he's able to witness it so you can get an even more vivid picture of it.

The house is coming along and I'm getting more ideas for curtians, wall art, organizing, etc.
I've started to clean up and plan the nursery/sewing room which means I need to get painting. Thankfully I've had several offers for help as I'm not suposed to do the painting myself. I don't really mind. If anyone has a passion for interior design let me know, I could use some help.

Chuck and I spent our Valentine's date at IKEA. We didn't even have to make reservations! :)
We got some neat stuff for the house and had a wonderful time chatting. I'm glad we spent our money that way and not on traditional Valentine's things like teddy bears and more chocolate than you should eat in a year.

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us and I have lots to do this afternoon. I like to be kept busy although when I'm at home I spend a lot of time reading and lazing about. I'm sure I'll miss all my lazy time when the baby gets here, although all the lazy activities have had to do with babies lately. :)

Have a fabulous weekend (and week, and month...)!!!