I'm planning and running errands this week in anticipation of our
vacation. I'm really looking foward to seeing Mimi and Bipaw and Mike
and Maggie as well as relaxing.
A few days ago we got to get some Easter photos taken. Here's one of
the sweetest. Both kids are getting so big!
Have a great rest of the week!


It's been two weeks since we started Enzo on Prevacid and his nose is
the same. We've decided to give it one more week.
If he's better then we'll keep him on the medicine for awhile. If not
we're going to get a second opinion. If anyone knows of a great ENT in
DFW please let us know.
As always we're still (and will continue) praying for Enzo's nose, his
overall health and his salvation.


Baby Sack Update:
Please email me at happypenguindesign (at) gmail (dot) com for ordering info. Thanks!

So changeable

I have such a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. When it
works properly and I don't mess up what I'm making beyond repair, I
love it. When it doesn't work and I can't seem to get my project
right, I hate it.
I actually experienced three wins today (after a pitiful sewing day
Here's one of the successes - a teal pillow cover from some ikea
fabric I've been saving for the perfect project. Thankfully I have
some left for another use. It's so pretty!

Simply Baby Snuggle Sacks

I completed another baby sack! I'm calling them "snugglers" right now, which is short for Simply Baby Snuggle Sack.

I really like making them and am currently experimenting with an older baby sleeper version. It's neither convenient or entirely safe to put your little one to bed swaddled in a blanket and as they get older they easily kick or squirm blankets off. With a Snuggly Sleeper Sack you wouldn't have to worry about it! It would fit baby's chest, stay safely under their arms and keep their little bodies warm all nap or night long! Being open in the bottom would help with late night diaper changes also.

This one is knit in the University of Connecticut colors for a colleague of Chuck's. A far cry from the neutral colors I'm drawn too but still snuggly!

I've looked into getting an Etsy page but an already behind on orders so I think I'll hold off on that. If you're interested in ordering one please leave a comment or email me and I'll get back to you with more details!

*March 8th Baby Sack Update:
Please email me at happypenguindesign (at) gmail (dot) com for ordering info. Thanks!

Here are a few other examples.


Ruby is old enough to really help me in the kitchen sometimes although
I still await the day when she can do the dishes for me.
Today she helped me stir the granola.

Afternoon Nap


We've decided that we're going to put Enzo on Prevacid for a few weeks
(2-4) to see if that helps him. Reflux makes a lot of sense and our
pediatritian agrees that it's safe and effective. Please continue to
pray that God would heal Enzo, give us wisdom and discernment and rest
and that Enzo wouldn't experience any adverse side effects.

ENT diagnosis

The Specialist said this morning that in his opinion it's reflux.
We confirmed with a scope in Enzo's nose that there's nothing
structuraly wrong or abnormaly sized.
The Dr. prescribed Prevacid (name brand acid inhibitor) because in
cases of babies not being able to eat and breathe he feels it's better
to overtreat rather than risk babies bodies becoming overstressed (and
worst case "shutting down" - we're not anywhere near worst case but
American medicine often hits the hill with a bull dozer in case it's a
big hill, even if it's an ant hill).