Turning some leaves

This pretty much sums up my day. Big pleading eyes on both of them. That and they both try to eat things off of the floor.

I've been spending my fun internet time doing other things lately, thus the complete lack of blogging. I do, however, want to pop in to say that I plan to continue my blogging (so don't give up on me just yet!) but I'm going to change the format slightly (don't be worried, it's nothing drastic).

I'd like this space to be more than a randomly informative space. I'm going to continue updating on life in general and Ruby but would like to focus on what I'm learning as a wive, mother, person and follower of Christ. I've been doing a lot of learning lately and feel that I should share some it.

I want this space to be encouraging. I'd like it to be helpful. And I'm going to try to make it enjoyable to look at also. Meaning, I'll include a photo of something other than Ruby in each post, although there will a lot of photos of her also.

I've been up to a lot lately. I find that I get a lot done when I'm not surfing the web. I've also finished a few projects, which is easier to do when I'm not adding a half a dozen more to my list from blogs and websites each day.

I discovered that making homemade tortillas is cheap AND easy so I'm making them as well as bread every few days. The best part is that Ruby can eat them and not get any extra sugar or corn syrup!
I've also begun straining my yogurt. I won't discuss this at length, just say that it's delicious and you should look into it. I'll spare you a photo of mine as it's not the most elegant dish but it's a taste sensation!

My sewing machine is once again on the fritz but with the end of school just a few weeks away I don't have time to sew anyway.

The garden! We have a pepper plant already in bloom! - ok, we bought it that way...

Suzanne and I got our garden planted yesterday and are so excited about it! We decided to combine efforts this year and do one garden together hoping that with increase the odds that we take good care of it. We've got lots of stuff in there including but not limited to basil (of several varieties), peppers, pumpkins, sweet corn, peas, lettuce, a few kinds of beans, tomatoes and squash. We also got lots of fun herbs like lemon balm, chocolate mint, pineapple sage and creeping rosemary. We bought our plants at Dennis' Farm Stand (on Bell Place near TWU) and not only is the service great, Dennis is a hoot, and the plants are less expensive than Wal-Mart and Lowe's! We got a garden's worth of stuff for plus herbs and a few flowers for only $50! (since we split it that made it less than a new pair of jeans!)

Rosemary by my mailbox

I'll be back soon. Have a great weekend! If you're in the area you should check out the Denton Art and Jazz Fest! Maybe we'll see you there?!