Enzo's started pushing up, he'll be crawling soon!


I promise I took this yesterday. I just forgot to post it!


A cheerful gift from my sweet husband.

Day 1

I've been thinking about doing a "photo a day" challenge of sorts and arbitrarily chose today (just now) to begin. I'm not sure how long it (I) will last but we'll deal with that later.

Reusable Snack Bags

Check out this super easy snack bag tutorial! Amy's narration for the video is quirky and entertaining too!

I'm going to make a whole bunch in different sizes because we eat a lot of snacks around here and I don't enjoy buying plastic baggies.

Fur Family

We added to our fur family this past weekend. We decided our dog Vinnie needed a friend. I thought that a dog of similar size or breed would be ideal and while Chuck agreed he wanted a cat. So we comprimised and got both.

We found this little guy via a rescue group (similar to how we got Vinnie) and after a few emails they put him on hold for us. We just had to drive to Rockwall to adopt him. Totally worth it. He's the same kindof mutt as Vinnie - half chihuahua, half Italian greyhound. Naturally he got an Italian name from the cast of My Blue Heaven also.
Meet Dino.

While I scoured the DFW area (via petfinder.com) for Vinnie's little brother, Chuck searched Craig's List for cats. He sent several emails and got no replies until finally we heard that this little guy was ours! His owner had just rescued him but her new apartment didn't allow pets so we stepped in. He's in pretty bad shape but with a little love, some fattening up and lots of attention from Ruby I think he'll be a great cat. I'm really warming up to him quickly. We didn't think he should be part of the Italian dog mob so we chose a name from another favorite movie, The Fifth Element. A must see if you haven't already.

Meet Vito Cornelius (we've been pronouncing it Cor-nee-lee-oos)


Good morning! This is how I've been wearing my hair lately. It's so nice to just throw it up in the morning and not have to fuss with it. I really do have more time for other things.
I've got to get breakfast cleaned up and ready for school. If you haven't heard, I'm taking two psychology classes at UNT this summer. I'm almost done and will hopefully graduate next year! Finally!


We're doing some remodeling right now and have plans to for quite a while. We've started in the back room. When we moved in we had plans to make it the nursery because it was right across the hall from the master bedroom. Several circumstances including my sister living with us and our house's lack of closet space turned it into a catch all room. Eventually the other bedroom became where Ruby's toys were and then her crib also. But soon all that will change! The house is currently a mess and Ruby is sleeping in the pack'n'play in our room but she's ready to be back in her crib in her new room too. She's told us all about it multiple times. She's awesome.
And so is this guy.

Dreadlock Update

It's been... I just counted... 10 1/2 weeks since I got my dreadlocks.
I still like them and while I've been wearing them in up a lot lately I like leaving them down and free.
They've gotten a little tighter and need some love (to tuck in the loose ends) but are doing pretty well I think.
My favorite part the last few days has been the little curl the bit of loose hair that was a braid left behind.