I should have titled this before my brain turned to mush...

This is my 99th post. Don't worry, my 100th will by far more exciting and well thought out. Any maybe a giveaway? You know that means it will take me a few weeks to work up to it but it just might be worth it.

So here's the latest - in no particular order.

Ruby started drinking from a "sippy" cup- and by drinking I mean sucking and swallowing repeatedly two days ago she was merely sucking in some water and then freaking out and letting it drip down her front.

Ruby has started to ween herself. ... She also refuses to eat anything mushy from a spoon and will only eat things she can pick up.

Oh, and she knows how to wave - and by wave I mean when you say "Hi, Ruby," "Buh Bye, Ruby," "Say Hi/Bye," she waves as well as when she sees someone that she knows or even just another baby at a store. It's so cute and grown-up I can hardly take it. I didn't mention it before but I almost cried (as in weeped openly w/out regard to the silliness of it) when Ruby started drinking from the sippy cup today. Yup, it's official, I'm a mom.

I'm quite possibly a year away from my degree. ... and I'm finally loving my classes.

I've been doing a much better job keeping my house tidy. It's helped that Ruby's going to bed at 7pm so I can run around and pick things up before I fall into bed sometime later.

None of my clothes fit properly. ... Ok, by none I mean a handfull of stuff I wore at one point whether it was before Ruby or after and still own and wish I could still wear. My body is different than it's ever been.

I'm ready for another baby. ... However, I hear 3 years is a good age gap.
In case you need any help with your baby fever check out my friend Emily Rozell's new baby boy Calvin. Our friend Emily Thurmond took photos at his birth and they're wonderful - She's very talented.

Speaking of little babies, I got the privilege of watching my friend Monica's baby girl, Kaya, on Wednesday. She's not a newborn but she's only 2 months old and that's much smaller than Ruby! She was wonderful. I had already forgotten how things go with a 2 month old. So easy! (I can say that now having gone through it, we won't think about it too long or we'll start to remember what a wuss I was) She even had a bit of her new baby smell left. mmmm... do I hear a second on the motion for another Dunton baby?

Well, it's only 8pm but already my brain is turning to mush. I'll leave you with a few pictures and my prayer that you enjoy the weekend, your family and your life. Praise the Lord for breathe.

The first time Ruby got to really pet her new puppy - blue heeler/terrier mix - "The Dude"

Giving the baby in the mirror kisses. She loves mirrors.

So very excited to be eating banana - I gave her 1/3 of a banana rolled in flax, not cut in little pieces, and she was over the moon excited about it.

Yup, just kickin back, making a mess with her banana.


First airplane ride? Check.

First tooth? Check.

First time to mash food on her face? Check.

2009 Calenders

This is a little late but maybe some of you haven't yet gotten your 2009 calenders, or mayber you need an extra for your office, kitchen, craft room or bathroom (Prince has his whole house wired for sound so he can record at a moments notice, maybe it would be helpful to have a calender in every room?).
Here's a short list of some of the coolest free calenders (maybe one or two that cost a few bucks) that I found online in the last month or so. Enjoy! And I hope you're all having an adventure of a year!

Carnivorous Plants Calender by A Print A Day (Free!)

A Calender you color yourself! by espirit cabane  (Free!)

A Perpetual Photo Calender (one of my favorites!) by PhotoJoJo
(Cost of printing photos and buying the clips)

A Desk Calender that fits into a CD case! by Vintage Glam (Free!)

3D Robot Desk Calender by cubeecraft (you have to check this one our, it's super cute and Free!)

Fabric screen printed year view calender by Lotta Jansdotter (it's $10 but so very pretty! and be sure to check out her other items, she's a very talented designer)

I hope that you were inspired to celebrate 2009 in style and maybe get googling to find the perfect calender for you!