I haven't been blogging. I've been napping.

I've been, well, vegetating lately. I don't really like it but I don't really like feeling sick and tired all the time either. I don't do very good at keeping my chin up when it comes to exhaution. Thankfully my parents have been more than happy to take care of Ruby while I nap or relax or simply sit and try not to throw up. I've only got a few more days of this luxury, however, and so I'm wondering if I shouldn't start to ween myself off of my current napping schedule so I don't go into complete shock when we get home. Maybe. Or should I take advantage of my last few days of freedom? Hmm...

On another note, this website was brought to my attention and I think it's great. Check it out. It's about sugar.

Liz is Famous

My baby sister (the older one - Liz) is famous! Or at least she's on the internet. Which, well... anyway, she's doing great things with her organization and they've made a promotional video! For those of you who know her check it out! Or if you're interested in Chi Alpha, click the link and see a promo for their All Nations Conference.
Proud of you Liz!

All Nations Promo Video

Playing with Papa Don

Ruby enjoyed playing with her Papa Don (my dad) today and I love how expressive she is. She's learning fast and growing all the time. I'm growing all the time as well and I wasn't prepared to do so this early. In fact I had to buy a few t-shirts today because I didn't pack with my expanding top and middle in mind. It is sort of exciting to be able to see a difference this early, though, and have another reminder other than the nausea that I'm part of a miracle.

The last few days in photos

Here Ruby is very excited about her birthday presents from Grammi and Big Daddy. We had a party for her at our house before we and Chuck's parents left for our vacations.

Unkie Jon pulling Ruby on her chariot when he and Chuck dropped us off at the airport.

Proof that Ruby and I were on an airplane together and having an okay time of it. You can see Ruby is getting some more teeth on the bottom. Soon she'll have eight.

Ruby reading the card from her birthday present from Aunt Tori.

Ruby getting settled with my mom's daycare kids. My mom runs a daycare in her house so Ruby has gotten to play with the kids the last few days and should be pretty warmed up to them by the time we leave.

Leave a Message

Hi, it's me. Can't talk long anyway, just wanted to let you know that I moved up my trip to MN so I'm here now. I'll be here until July 3rd but I'll update you on life while I'm here. Gotta go, talk to you soon! Oh, and it's 58 degrees here right now. Yeah... Bye!

Our garden

Here it is, an update on our garden! It's pretty amazing. God's so amazing for designing and sustaining all those green things. I'm so glad I'm not in charge of the rain and the wind and the sun. I'm so grateful that God put it all in motion and keeps it all going.

Here's the whole garden. On the bottom left you can see our basil going crazy and in the back our zucchini and squash and pumpkin are all flowering!

We've got cayenne peppers!

A green zebra tomato!
Peas! I made a trellis with stakes and string but it's not tall enough anymore! They're growing so very fast.

And here's one of our two zucchini plants that has leave the size of Ruby. We bought them at Dennis' Farm Stand. We're definitely shopping there next year!
And the zucchini that this plant produced already - that's right we've already got two zucchini! - are as big as Ruby as well!

She wasn't really interested in them but we tried to get a good size comparison picture.

I hope you're all enjoying the weather and getting veggies and flowers put in!

Ruby's Latest

Ruby would like to update you on her life.

"I love puppies and swinging and here I am swinging with my new puppy from my Grami.
I love it!"

"I also really like going down the slide at the park. Here Daddy is helping me.
He's pretty fun too."

"I managed to get myself stuck in this styrofoam packaging but it didn't bother me much, I still crawled around and played with it stuck around my middle. I'm tough."

"And I finally figured out how to get the cap off of Mom's chapstick and got to put some on myself. Aren't I pretty!?!"

*I have one of those tinted Burt's Bee chapsticks that Ruby found one day. She knows what they're for and we let her "put some on" with the cap on whenever I do but now that she knows how to get the cap open we'll have to stop doing that.

"Oh yeah, and Mom's going to have another baby at the end of January. I've got too many other things to figure out before I worry about what that means."

Have a great week!