Ruby's Latest

Ruby would like to update you on her life.

"I love puppies and swinging and here I am swinging with my new puppy from my Grami.
I love it!"

"I also really like going down the slide at the park. Here Daddy is helping me.
He's pretty fun too."

"I managed to get myself stuck in this styrofoam packaging but it didn't bother me much, I still crawled around and played with it stuck around my middle. I'm tough."

"And I finally figured out how to get the cap off of Mom's chapstick and got to put some on myself. Aren't I pretty!?!"

*I have one of those tinted Burt's Bee chapsticks that Ruby found one day. She knows what they're for and we let her "put some on" with the cap on whenever I do but now that she knows how to get the cap open we'll have to stop doing that.

"Oh yeah, and Mom's going to have another baby at the end of January. I've got too many other things to figure out before I worry about what that means."

Have a great week!


Cliff and Jessica June 01, 2009  

Yea! A new baby!

Randi June 01, 2009  

Awwww! Congratulations! I better start embroidering now because it's going to take me that long to get some new onesies done. I am so happy for all three of you!!

Liz June 01, 2009  

That was great Ging! Love the pics so very cute! Can't wait for another one to spoil! Happy golden birthday in exactly 22 days!

Kim June 02, 2009  

congratulations on the new baby!

Krista June 09, 2009  

Congrats Ginger!! How exciting for you and the rest of the family!!!

maggie June 10, 2009  

Congrats on baby #2!

Melissa~ June 16, 2009  

Congratulations Ginger! Ruby is so beautiful! How blessed you are!

♥ Melissa~
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