Playing with Papa Don

Ruby enjoyed playing with her Papa Don (my dad) today and I love how expressive she is. She's learning fast and growing all the time. I'm growing all the time as well and I wasn't prepared to do so this early. In fact I had to buy a few t-shirts today because I didn't pack with my expanding top and middle in mind. It is sort of exciting to be able to see a difference this early, though, and have another reminder other than the nausea that I'm part of a miracle.


The Rozell Family June 16, 2009  

hey Ginger,
we miss you in Denton! Transform was AWESOME. your hubby did an AMAZING job. So many people kept commenting on how great a job he did! hurry up and get home. It was a nice 100 degrees today however we swam almost all day at clays moms. When you get home you need to bring ruby to swim!

Lynne June 17, 2009  

As hard as it is to send you two off so far away, I miss you both!, it makes my heart so happy to see Ruby in Papa Don's lap getting loved up!
I know your parents are out of their heads happy to get to be with you two.
Have fun and come back soon!

Liz June 17, 2009  

AH! I wish I was there!!!! HEY, so when you get back, come over to my new place and borrow my clothes so you don't have to spend so much money and I can borrow yours and all will be well.

Love you! I can't believe how much Ruby is growing!! Am I right to think she has said a few words now?