Our garden

Here it is, an update on our garden! It's pretty amazing. God's so amazing for designing and sustaining all those green things. I'm so glad I'm not in charge of the rain and the wind and the sun. I'm so grateful that God put it all in motion and keeps it all going.

Here's the whole garden. On the bottom left you can see our basil going crazy and in the back our zucchini and squash and pumpkin are all flowering!

We've got cayenne peppers!

A green zebra tomato!
Peas! I made a trellis with stakes and string but it's not tall enough anymore! They're growing so very fast.

And here's one of our two zucchini plants that has leave the size of Ruby. We bought them at Dennis' Farm Stand. We're definitely shopping there next year!
And the zucchini that this plant produced already - that's right we've already got two zucchini! - are as big as Ruby as well!

She wasn't really interested in them but we tried to get a good size comparison picture.

I hope you're all enjoying the weather and getting veggies and flowers put in!


Liz June 02, 2009  

Lovely! The pic of ruby and the zucchini warms my heart. :) How are my plants doing?

Anonymous June 03, 2009  

those look great! how fun!

Kathryn June 27, 2009  

So exciting! I've got to tell you it looks great now that me and suzanne have mulched it!