Birds and animals

I finally received my third bird today. Yay! It's so interesting how everyone's bird looks different. The little one on the right is made out of wood, and the large one on the bottom has a tape measure for a hanger! So cool.
Now I just have to gather enough little bitty things for Emily's swap.

I had my last baby shower (I was blessed with two, old friends and new) on Sat. and now am trying to make a list of all the things we still need and can buy at Target with our gift cards and what we need to save some money for. Unfortunately Target's selection of clothes and toys leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion so we might do some strategic shopping. Chuck reckons we can buy some things online and then by our groceries at Target with gift cards to even things out. Therefore we don't really spend any extra money but we don't have to settle for plastic toys and a wardrobe of clothes emblazoned with ducks.

Not that I have anything against ducks, I'd just like to know who decided that that was the only animal suitable for both genders. What about lions, giraffes, cows, squirrels, penguins...? Here are some photos of gender neutral clothing not found at our local Target:
Each of these can be found at - simply click each one to go to that sellers listing. I also happen to own the adorable green bird (Thanks Suzanne and Carissa!) and am thinking about the other two.

I'll see you later

I ran into, well walked past and stopped to chat with, a friend from my astronomy class last semester. It was an awesome class by the way - if you need a science credit at UNT take astronomy 1 with Kowalski - he's super. So I had a good chat with Elijah. He encouraged me to keep going to school and remember that even if I fall God's holding onto my hand. He referenced one of the Psalms but of course I don't remember (the baby needed those brain cells apparently). We also talked about his plans to make money this summer which could possibly lead to immanent death but as he assured me "If I don't see you soon, I'll see you later."
So funny - and so true! It's so awesome that even if we never run into each other again I'll see him in heaven.

So I don't leave you with a lengthy update devoid of pictures I've added an image of a Ferrari bed because, as Elijah pointed out, if we have an Enzo he's got to sleep in a Ferrari. For those of you who don't know about Enzo Ferrari you can read about him here. And although I wasn't aware of him until after I decided on the name Chuck was pleased because the name has proved itself manly.


I finished my first set of birds today. Three of them (the second picture) are headed out tomorrow to my swap partners and in a few days I should get two more to add to the one that I've already gotten - I'll post a picture when I get all three. It's so fun getting mail!
I'm also really enjoying sewing little things like birds and I plan to make a little animal mobile for baby in the next few months. I'll have to practice quite a bit as I have high hopes to make lions, penguins, elephants and other such things which will probably prove a little trickier than birds.
Until then - here are the birds!

Oh, and a quick baby update: only about two months left. AH! I still haven't finished the blanket I started knitting (no surprise there) and I've got another shower this Sat. that I'm looking forward to0 because I'll get to see some old friends and relatives and hopefully get some more much needed baby items.
I also have to finish sanding the crib and changing table.
Getting those was really a miracle. I was so worried about buying furniture and spending money, etc. so I mentioned it in home group and what do you know, Kathleen (sorry I don't know how to spell it!) had them sitting in her parents attic. As she told me they were handed down to her by her sister but since she's not even dating anyone she would love for us to get use out of them. :)
They aren't the ones from Ikea I had my eye on but God provides what we need and I'm so grateful for that!
Have a fabulous week!

So very floral

Spring is in the air and I'm getting anxious to plant some gardens! Hopefully this weekend Chuck and I can get something planted.
I happened upon some free bulbs the other day on my way home. They were sitting by the curb of a house in our neighborhood with a "free" sign next to them. I decided that I could use all the help I could get with my gardening and established bulbs would be perfect! After a pleasant chat with the owner of the house I was on my way home with a good start to my front flower bed. There are some Irises, Lillies and those two huge bulbs on the left of the photo are 4-O'clocks which I was told are about "this big, sorta bushy, and bloom in the afternoon - thus 4-O'clocks." We'll see how they turn out!

In the mood for more flowers I wore a top that I made about a year ago that somehow still fits my girth. I felt very springy.

Also this weekend I have to study for a test but I also plan on finished a baby blanket I began today (pictures will arrive upon its completion) and spend some much needed time with my husband. He's been working some really long hours this week (including today) but he'll be home soon! Yay!
Have a wonderful weekend!