I finished my first set of birds today. Three of them (the second picture) are headed out tomorrow to my swap partners and in a few days I should get two more to add to the one that I've already gotten - I'll post a picture when I get all three. It's so fun getting mail!
I'm also really enjoying sewing little things like birds and I plan to make a little animal mobile for baby in the next few months. I'll have to practice quite a bit as I have high hopes to make lions, penguins, elephants and other such things which will probably prove a little trickier than birds.
Until then - here are the birds!

Oh, and a quick baby update: only about two months left. AH! I still haven't finished the blanket I started knitting (no surprise there) and I've got another shower this Sat. that I'm looking forward to0 because I'll get to see some old friends and relatives and hopefully get some more much needed baby items.
I also have to finish sanding the crib and changing table.
Getting those was really a miracle. I was so worried about buying furniture and spending money, etc. so I mentioned it in home group and what do you know, Kathleen (sorry I don't know how to spell it!) had them sitting in her parents attic. As she told me they were handed down to her by her sister but since she's not even dating anyone she would love for us to get use out of them. :)
They aren't the ones from Ikea I had my eye on but God provides what we need and I'm so grateful for that!
Have a fabulous week!


Jonathan & Jillian April 16, 2008  

I love the fabric you chose! Think I saw you in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby in Grapevine last week...would have said hi but I was in the back of my car getting my nursing baby in the sling :)...Anyway, cute birds!

The Rozell Family April 16, 2008  

These look GREAT Ginger! SOO CUTE! Glad you culd use some of my material, I am almost finished with Carolines BAG!


Cliff and Jessica April 16, 2008  

those birds are so cute! i love the fabric choices. :) you're so talented...wish God had given me those skills. :)

Kai April 20, 2008  

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I LOVE my darling lil' birdy, Ginger! I just got home today after a weekend with friends, and it was a wonderful treat to find that envelope from you! I am going to hang it where I can see it all day & think of the sweet person who made it! I appreciate you!