Birds and animals

I finally received my third bird today. Yay! It's so interesting how everyone's bird looks different. The little one on the right is made out of wood, and the large one on the bottom has a tape measure for a hanger! So cool.
Now I just have to gather enough little bitty things for Emily's swap.

I had my last baby shower (I was blessed with two, old friends and new) on Sat. and now am trying to make a list of all the things we still need and can buy at Target with our gift cards and what we need to save some money for. Unfortunately Target's selection of clothes and toys leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion so we might do some strategic shopping. Chuck reckons we can buy some things online and then by our groceries at Target with gift cards to even things out. Therefore we don't really spend any extra money but we don't have to settle for plastic toys and a wardrobe of clothes emblazoned with ducks.

Not that I have anything against ducks, I'd just like to know who decided that that was the only animal suitable for both genders. What about lions, giraffes, cows, squirrels, penguins...? Here are some photos of gender neutral clothing not found at our local Target:
Each of these can be found at - simply click each one to go to that sellers listing. I also happen to own the adorable green bird (Thanks Suzanne and Carissa!) and am thinking about the other two.