So very floral

Spring is in the air and I'm getting anxious to plant some gardens! Hopefully this weekend Chuck and I can get something planted.
I happened upon some free bulbs the other day on my way home. They were sitting by the curb of a house in our neighborhood with a "free" sign next to them. I decided that I could use all the help I could get with my gardening and established bulbs would be perfect! After a pleasant chat with the owner of the house I was on my way home with a good start to my front flower bed. There are some Irises, Lillies and those two huge bulbs on the left of the photo are 4-O'clocks which I was told are about "this big, sorta bushy, and bloom in the afternoon - thus 4-O'clocks." We'll see how they turn out!

In the mood for more flowers I wore a top that I made about a year ago that somehow still fits my girth. I felt very springy.

Also this weekend I have to study for a test but I also plan on finished a baby blanket I began today (pictures will arrive upon its completion) and spend some much needed time with my husband. He's been working some really long hours this week (including today) but he'll be home soon! Yay!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Elizabeth April 10, 2008  

Just wanted to let you know that your bird ornament is on it's way.Have a great afternooon.