Happy Tuesday, Where has the time gone?

I really think it's about time to post a picture as I'm officially grown out of even my sweatpants and currently wearing a maternity t-shirt comfortably. I was originally telling people my due date was June 15th as I was so sure my math was the right one but after doing more reading I've decided to go with the wisdom of my nurse and use the date that she has on file at the birth center. So from here on out my due date is June 8th which makes me 20 weeks and 2 days today. That's pretty much half way right? I know people say this all the time but where has the time gone?!?
In the next few months I would like to get the nursery/sewing room/extra bedroom set up and ready, knit more things for baby (as I was excited to do that ever since I learned to knit almost 2 years ago and haven't yet) and read as much as possible about green living, raising children and somehow maintaining my sanity throughout.
I'll post more about all of that later, right now I've got to check on Evie, the 5 1/2 month old girl that I'm nannying a few times a week. She's very sweet and the extra money is nice - that and the practice. :)
Have a blessed day and remember to smile, it will make the weather seem less dreary!

Don't know why I thought I'd be good at this

Almost a month since I posted last. I'm about as good at this as I am at keeping a paper journal.
If anyone has been curious as to my whereabouts and recent happenings you can check out my husband's blog - ziptieisthenewducttape.blogspot.com - he's been keeping up with updates.

I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant. We're not finding out boy or girl unless we need a sonogram later on in the pregnancy. I do, however, hope it's a girl simply because we've been referring to her as a her. Of course I'll be the only one who's mildly traumatized and only for a short while.

I'm slowly getting used to having a house. I still don't know where everything should go and how I want all my curtains to look but things are coming along. I really like having more space and we've both enjoyed being able to have people over for dinner and actually eat in at a dining room table.

I would have had lots of errands to run today but somehow Chuck ended up with both sets of keys. I could take the bus but by the time I made it to two of the 4 places on my list Chuck would be coming home so I think I'll just postpone them and work around the house.

Have a wonderful and joyful day!