Don't know why I thought I'd be good at this

Almost a month since I posted last. I'm about as good at this as I am at keeping a paper journal.
If anyone has been curious as to my whereabouts and recent happenings you can check out my husband's blog - - he's been keeping up with updates.

I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant. We're not finding out boy or girl unless we need a sonogram later on in the pregnancy. I do, however, hope it's a girl simply because we've been referring to her as a her. Of course I'll be the only one who's mildly traumatized and only for a short while.

I'm slowly getting used to having a house. I still don't know where everything should go and how I want all my curtains to look but things are coming along. I really like having more space and we've both enjoyed being able to have people over for dinner and actually eat in at a dining room table.

I would have had lots of errands to run today but somehow Chuck ended up with both sets of keys. I could take the bus but by the time I made it to two of the 4 places on my list Chuck would be coming home so I think I'll just postpone them and work around the house.

Have a wonderful and joyful day!


atc January 21, 2008  

I'm glad to see that my granddaughter is real...I tried to check Chuck's blog and he is such a technical nut, that I couldn't even understand him. I just wanted to hear from you kids and how the baby is doing. Love ya, Mimi