little updates

My last final is turned in and the last few corrections are being made on the presentation that my group and I are giving this Friday. It's been a long and stressful process but it's almost over!

The last bit of stuff is happening on the house as well. It's looking good and more than likely well be moving in next Friday! Woohoo! I'm ready to be there. I've already had a few dreams of us and baby Dunton in the house.

It rained all day today so I only ventured out briefly to go to the bank. The rest of the day I've been resting, baking/cooking, knitting and listening to Christmas music. I wouldn't mind some snow but you can't have everything.

I had high hopes of sending all kinds of Christmas presents with my sister when she went to MN but the last few weeks with finals and house things and being so exhausted (this baby growing can be tiring work) I haven't gotten anything done. I'll have to mail some things. Does anyone have any ideas for handmade things for a 13 computer game loving boy??

I hope the holiday season is treating everyone well and people are healthy and happy as Christmas approaches.


The Rozell Family December 13, 2007  

Hey Ginger,
So next Fri huh!!! AWESOME!!! We want to see your house so bad. we need to hang next week, are you free? Lets get together adn do Christmas crafting, maybe Caroline can come too.

The Mays Family December 24, 2007  

Hey Ginger,
Did y'all close on the house?