So much to do!


Chuck is back from Scotland and life is getting back to normal. I've been pretty busy lately trying not to miss Chuck too much, then sewing a blanket for a cousin's baby shower, then studying for finals and getting ready for baby.
I'd post a picture of the blanket but the only one is on Chuck's phone so maybe I can do that later when he gets home tonight.
I have my last final tomorrow and am very excited to be done. I'm already registered for next semester but I'm not going to think about that for a few months. I have plenty of other things to do before then.

I had an appointment with my midwife today and I'm so very glad that we've chosen to go to the birth center here in Denton. It's wonderful that we have such a resource available to us. If you haven't heard of it you can check out there website here. They're monitoring two due dates for me, one based on my menstrual cycle and the other based on the sonogram so depending on what you go by I'm 34 or 35 1/2 weeks. Either way baby will be here soon!!!

I've still got lots to do although I'm making some progress everyday.
I checked out some prenatal yoga dvd's from the library yesterday (finally) and am excited to do that for the next month or so. And I've got lots of reading to do. Chuck and I decided not to take a formal birthing class so I'm just doing as much reading as possible, talking to women who have experienced birth before and being positive and relaxed about it. From what I've read, it's a natural thing and is going to happen regardless of my philosophy toward it or misconceptions about it. Here's the book that Jean reccomended to me today: Birthing from Within
I believe it's the book that she uses when she gives her birth classes

On a more fun note, here are two cool sewing projects I found online today- I totally plan to make them both.A reusable sandwhich carrier! Awesome! And when you unfold it it's a nice little eating mat. :)

A quick how to with pictures by Sarah from The Small Object.

And I'm really enjoying making little birds but am thinking about trying something a little larger, maybe doing a few different animals for baby. This one is from Flickr user superminx.