Ikea and Baby Toys

Of course I was just at Ikea yesterday and I find this tutorial today.
Aren't these lamps awesome!?!
I did however have a lovely time with Katie and did get a pot lid holder, some ultra cute nursing blankets, a set of adorable finger puppets - Thanks Katie!! - (pictures to come I promise!) And lots of ideas for making my house look fabulous.

I can hardly wait for Baby to grow up so I can buy them all kinds of great toys! Of course I'm so super excited to get them here all little and wonderful that I may change my mind about having them grow up, in any case, Ikea has some really nice fabric and wooden toys. I'm actually totally convinced that we can buy mostly fabric and wooden toys. We'll see how that plays out, but after my trip to Ikea and some wandering around Etsy I'm looking forward to trying. In fact, here are some of the things that I'd like to buy and/or make soon for Baby.

From Etsy seller The Willow Tree - a dinosaur tag toy! Awesome!
Developmental Blocks from Etsy seller Cookie Dough - they double as a matching game!
Also from Cookie Dough is an Elephant push toy - super cute!
There's even a seller on Etsy that makes teething rings! Sweet! Thank you Canadian Wood Crafts.


Watts up? May 22, 2008  

These are so cute... Ikea is one of my favorite places! I find that I love to put together furniture. It was so great to meet you and I love my birds. Hope to see you and Chuck again soon. Loeta

The Rozell Family May 24, 2008  

THANK YOU THANK YOu chuck and Ginger for my AWESOME new pitcher! I LOVE IT. A great reason for me to make SANGRIA more often!


The Rozell Family May 24, 2008  

the pizza recipes are on my blog!

The Mays Family May 29, 2008  

Just checking to see how you guys are doing? Hope all is well!