Cake Stands

Cake stands are one of those items that I really like the idea of, and usually really like the look of when I see them in stores, but then decide are too impractical and expensive to ever really buy. But what if I could make one out of an old vase and a really cool looking plate? That would be awesome. Of course I didn't think of that myself. I got the idea from another blog HERE - so you can check it out too! A tutorial with pictures and everything! And in case you don't want to make one yourself you can buy them from this girl's Etsy shop here!

*picture from Design*Sponge


katieface May 19, 2008  

I really like this idea. The next time I have a weekend day off, we have to go garage-saling.

Brad & Jen Windle May 20, 2008  

this is such an awesome;d the appointment go this morning?

Robin May 21, 2008  

Hey, I saw this post yesterday, and liked the little stands so much that I had a dream about them last night! Isn't that hilarious?! I can't really remember the dream, but is was something about being creative, and a contest, and I made some of these, and won! hehe:)