If you haven't discovered it yet you should check out Google Reader. I began to explain it and then deleted all of the explanation as I realized I don't really know what I'm talking about - perhaps Chuck can blog about it's finer points, but I will say it's awesome. Instead of having to check out all the websites, blogs you like to read you just add them to your Reader and it pulls up updates when they happen.
Having said that and probably confused some people I'll get to my point -
While checking my Reader today I discovered two tutorials that I'm excited to try!
The first is how to make a repeat pattern without Photoshop or a similar fancy program and can be found here on Design*Sponge.
The second is how to screen print with contact paper courtesy or ThreadBanger and can be found here on CraftZine.com.

Both Design*Sponge and Craft are awesome websites and are worth checking out even if you're not interested in making your own patterns or screen prints.

On another note, check out Chuck's blog to see an updated belly picture (It looks like I shoved a basketball in my shirt but I didn't - that's really how big and round I am) as well as an old picture of me pre-preggers.

And here's the picture of the quilt I made for my cousin's baby shower. It's a bit dark and the pink looks more orange than it really is but my favorite part is the middle panel with the appliqued circles. The back is white and I sewed the front and back together with large squiggly S-shaped stitches in pink, yellow and white based on the block color I was stitching on so on the back you can see the colored stitches. And then the edge is trimmed in a thin yellow bias tape. I'll make another soon and post more pictures including details if anyone is really interested.Thinking of babies... I'm starting to get a bit anxious about having two due dates because they are 10 days apart meaning I'll only be 4 days past my second due date while at the same time considered to be 2 weeks late. Also, I was pretty set on having a baby at the end of June but the 8th is most certainly the beginning. So I definitely have to be ready for baby before the end of this month or I'll probably not feel ready or have enough energy to do much. We might get the crib painted tonight or tomorrow which will take a load off my mind and then it's little stuff like shopping and sewing.


The Mays Family May 12, 2008  

Hey don't get anxious about getting stuff done. Baby will get here when he/she is supposed to and everything will be perfect even if you don't think so . Let me know what I can do to help you.

Anonymous May 13, 2008  

Ginger, I can't wait to meet our prescious new family member. :) The blanket is adorable! You are so creative. And I absolutely love your little bird creations. Love you!