Getting Closer

I don't have any new pictures of projects to show you as Liz has had my camera for over a week on her vacation to Washington. Maybe she'll let me post some pretty scenery photos soon. I do, however, have a quick baby update for those of you keeping track.
If you average my two due dates then I'm about 36 1/2 weeks. 36 1/2! Baby's heartbeat is strong, they're very active and are head down in a really good position for birth!
I'm very excited and getting quite impatient!
Some of Chuck's coworkers threw him (us) a baby shower at work yesterday and they were so generous! We're going to make cookies tonight and write thank you notes. I wish I could have been there to thank them all in person but hopefully I'll get to meet most of them at the company picnic June 1st. It's so nice to know that Chuck is so loved - they even got a cake! :)
I'll have pictures for you all tomorrow and an update on my crafting and the nursery progress (or lack there of...)
Have a great day!