Blogs and flowers

I enjoy stumbling upon new blogs that are wonderful. My newest find (and one of my all time favorites) is a blog called Pink Paper Peppermints. I would tell you all about the woman behind the blog but you should really read her "about me" page for yourself. What I will say is that she's currently doing "31 days of flowers" in different crafty mediums and the 7 so far are great! I'm going to try quite a few. I'm still enjoying making birds but why not add to the spring crafting fever? Yay for flowers!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


Brad & Jen Windle May 15, 2008  

you are so sweet! I need to be coming to YOU for sewing help! :) i'm so glad your massage was has been so fun watching that baby grow! can't wait for my 3am phone call! :)

Anonymous May 15, 2008  

Hey Ginger, thanks so much for calling to check on me, I really appreciate it. I was asleep when you called and wanted to make sure that I wasn't abrupt with you. If I was was then i am soooo sorry and please forgive me.

katieface May 19, 2008  

Jon said, "What about the blogs that aren't wonderful?" What a goob.