More Yogurt! And Bagels!

I just put my yogurt in the fridge. It may be a little early to tell but I think it turned out great! It had a nice consistency and smelled wonderful. I let it sit for about 7 1/2 hours but it probably would have been done at about 5. It depends on how tangy and thick you like it. It will only get so thick, but it can get pretty tangy!

I used Alton Brown's recipe with these variations:
I only used 1 tbsp honey
I added a bit of vanilla (I never measure) because I really like vanilla
I poured it into two yogurt containers and incubated it in the oven - I heated the oven for a min. or two and then left the light on - I just kept checking the thermomiter I had put into one of them and made sure it stayed between 100 and 120 degrees
I had to take it out a few times as I made bagels and pizza but it still did fine! 

Ok, so bagels. Wow. I used this recipe and it was really easy! (Well, maybe the shaping wasn't so easy but Suzanne did that as I had an errand to run - thanks Suzanne!)
So with our powers combined we made bagels and they turned out great! They're sweet and moist and tender and you can make them any size you want! I'm going to make another batch later this week with blueberries because they're on sale at Sprouts. I plan to but blueberries in everything the next few weeks. Pancakes, muffins, bagels, bread, salads, smoothies... am I forgetting anything?

I didn't do a cost analysis but you can find one here. I'm sure they're cheaper (and better for you) because they've only got flour, sugar, yeast, salt and water in them. I should probably get to bed now... It's just so exciting, though!

I'll do a quick photo shoot with the bagels and latest batch of yogurt in the morning as I plan to eat them both for breakfast. See you later - and happy staples making!


Liz May 26, 2009  

1. Did the bagels turn out chewy and slightly crusty on the outside? Those are the best kind.
2. what is Sprouts?
3. I love you! Not a question, obviously. but thought I'd end there.

katieface May 28, 2009  

Oh, I think I'll have to try making yogurt. We don't have cable anymore, but I did catch a few episodes of Alton Brown's show before we moved, and he had an episode on brewing your own beer. I'm sure Chuck would dig that.

The Rozell Family May 30, 2009  

wow, look at you! Very impressed. I have been wanting to try bagels for so long, you have inspired me!