I've learned a lot this past semester. I plan on sharing some of my newly acquired knowledge but need to get through finals this week first. I would, however, like to share with you something that Ruby has learned. How to brush her hair.
I didn't teach her. Chuck didn't teach her. We just did it and showed her how we brush our own hair a few times and 'Tah-Dah' - she knows what "brush your hair" means. I actually caught her spontaneously doing it while playing today. She stopped when I got out the camera, but I said "brush your fair!" and she did it again! I was shocked! I'm so excited and so terrified at the same time! Is she going to pick up all our bad habits? Will she learn how to drink coffee before she learns to floss? This parenting thing is starting to really freak me out.

Thankfully I'm not alone - and Chuck and I are not alone - and you are not alone.
Thankfully God's our perfect Father. I'm still learning about that too.

Before my afternoon gets away and I don't get what I need to done (namely studying and sending late Mother's Day cards!) I'd better go. I'll leave you with this sweet photo.


Lynne May 11, 2009  

phoebe and I both say "awwww, how sweet!"

Liz May 21, 2009  

Love ya Ging! This is an adorable pic it reminds me of playing house with you and dress up and such. Can't wait for Ruby to be able to walk and talk and play. :)