Tortillas. They're so versatile! We could eat them for every meal of the day. (and sometimes do)
Not too long ago I was spending so much money on tortillas and hated that there was so much stuff in them. I began making my own bread when I got fed up that it contained so much sugar and preservatives making it one of the worst things Ruby was eating - and she loves bread. My sweet little carb lover, taking after me, I suppose.
One day I checked a book out from the library about legumes, beans and grains. Oddly enough, there was a tortilla recipe in it; and it was SO easy! We've made them just about constantly for the past three weeks.
So you may join in the joy of homemade tortillas, here's the recipe!

2 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
3/4 tsp. baking powder
3 tbsp. lard (or veggie shortening)
2/3 cup warm water

Mix flour, salt and baking powder in a medium bowl.
Rub in the lard with a spoon.
Stir in the water and knead lightly to form a soft dough. You'll need to knead it to get it all mixed up. Resist the temptation to add just a little more water while still stirring it. More on that later.
Divide into about 8 balls and roll out into 6-7 inch rounds. The recipe originally called for 12 but I could never get them big enough so I usually get 8 fajita sized tortillas. If you'd like them bigger you'll just get a few less!
Heat a pan on high heat and "cook" the tortillas. It's like pancakes - whenever the top bubbles, flip it over, give it about 20 seconds more and its done!

Chuck and I have both made the mistake of adding "just a bit more water" and it hasn't gone well. The dough goes through a short phase when you're stirring it when it looks too dry but that's just when you need to get in there with your hands and knead it some. Yup, you just need to knead it a little.

I've got finals next week so I've been feeling a little crazy lately trying to focus on the last bit of school but already dreaming about all the things I'm going to get done when it's over.

Ruby's got five teeth and two are on the way. She's also currently in a growth spurt so I'm a little short on sleep and energy. In fact, I'm going to make some coffee and have a snack before she gets up from her nap so I've gotta run.

For your enjoyment, here's an odd little series of photos. Ruby's trying to play and I'm trying to make her laugh by draping a blanket around her neck as well as play with the flash and manual features on my camera. She's such a hoot.

Mom, Hi, I'm going to play by you.
Oh, you think this is funny? Ok, yeah, I am pretty cute and hilarious.

Mom, what is this thing? I'm trying to play.

Have a great week!


The Mays Family May 05, 2009  

cute pictures. she is getting so big and is very cute.

The Mays Family May 07, 2009  

It was nice to see you guys briefly last night, we haven't seen y'all in forever.

The Mays Family May 07, 2009  

that sounds great Parker is no longer working nights so our schedule is much better. Let me know when you guys want to hang out?