Baking Dinner

Some of you may know that it's been quite a while since I've used my oven. It broke several months ago and we didn't want to put any money into it because we planned to upgrade our kitchen in the near future. We wanted to go from a cabinet oven and countertop stove to an all in one unit in an island or something. We've still got big plans for the kitchen but we've scaled them back a bit and made them more practical. We also went ahead and got a new stove/oven because last Sunday our stove went out! My dear husband found me a great stove/oven and chopped my cabinets to put it in. You can see a fun picture of me baking my first batch of cookies in it here.

I have lots and lots of muffins and breads and things like that that I want to make but it's been so long since I've made dinner in the oven I don't know what to do! I'm making a meatloaf right now but it still feels so odd after using the stove and grill for so long. So please let me know your favorite oven baked dinner (include the recipe if you like) so I can get back into the groove of baking food other than sweets! Thanks!
Have a great week!


Vicki May 23, 2009  

Ginger the first oven food that comes to mind is our homemade pizza. We use the bread machine dough with whole wheat flour,corn meal,spinach and flax, sauce, hamburger,cheese and pepperoni. Mom