Seasonal Decorating

The problem with decorating for the seasons in Texas is there aren't
clear deliniations between them. For example, how do I know when it's
winter decorating time? The leaves haven't all fallen yet, there's no
snow on the ground and the grass is still green! However, it may look
the same at Christmas and I most certainly want to have my winter
decorations up by then!
Maybe I'll start the switch next weekend.

In the mean time here's one last photo of one of my free Autumn
decorations: my paint chip wreath.
I have to confess that I already have plans for a winter wreath but
I'll talk more about that later.

When do you decorate for winter/Christmas?


Kim December 02, 2009  

December. It's officially Christmas-y everywhere, there's implied snow (and it even snowed today), so I start in December. Most all the leaves have fallen anyway, also.