Christmas Crafts

I've gotten most of my Christmas decorating done and while there are still a few crafty things I'd like to do and some lights I'd like to hang outside I'm really just looking forward to relaxing and spending time with family.

Oh, and I finished my last final so I'm all done with school until the summer or next fall! (I have to take the spring off because I'll be having a baby!)

Here's one of the decorations that I got done in time for Christmas this year. I have a feeling I'll just have to keep adding each year. I got our stockings made last year (thankfully I made a few extra so there's a matching one for Enzo!) and the nativity scene done this year so that's a project a year - not bad. It's a start anyway.

Here's a terrible photo of the stockings but it gives a better idea of the type of decor I'm going for.

I've also put some photos/links to other ideas I have, maybe I can still get a few whipped up before Christmas!

Here's my nativity set. I'd been searching for the perfect one ever since Chuck and I got married and finally just made one. It's based on (copied from?) a beautiful set by German artist Oliver Fabel.
I plan to get/make a set for Ruby - and Enzo! I'm still not used to saying two kids names - in the next few years that they can interact with/play with and recognize the figures of. I'd also like it to not be made up of middle aged white people.

Here are a few of the other decorations that I like and may get around to doing:

This little pine cone tree made by Etsy seller NH Woods Creations is very cute. I'm not sure where I would put something like this it but I like it!

These Recycled Magazine Trees are a bit more modern and could be recycled and remade each year!

I really want to make a few wall hangings with embroidery hoops but haven't decided on the images to embroider. Here's December's free pattern from Andrea Zuill. I'd like to stitch them on a linen colored fabric I have and make a bunting to match but I need to get some red fabric to make a bias tape for the bunting. I don't want it to be too "Christmasy" as in being covered with candy canes or Santas but I do love red and green this time of year.

Here's a free printable festive garland! There are a few designs to choose from even! I think I'll have time for one of these.

Speaking of free printable things - how about this adorable little winter house?!

I am certain that I will finish this next project because I think it's so very sweet. I got the idea from Soule Mama's blog but it's originally a Martha Stewart creation. Gingerbread Mobiles. Here's the page she ripped out of the Magazine. I love the room too!

We don't have a Christmas tree but if you do you should consider making a few of these - aren't they cool?!

And just in case you have more time than I and are in need of some more crafty-holiday-ideas check out these links!
Living Creatively (.com)'s Christmas Projects - it's a great site for everyday projects also

Have a great day and happy crafting! And remember, we've only got a week until Christmas!!!