It's only Pesky Friday

I'm supposed to be doing homework right now but instead I'm doing home work. ... Yeah, not really funny at all.

I've decided through experience and the advice of others that we've got bug problems.
There are roaches (although I only see one at a time) in the kitchen that are getting brave and venturing into other areas (I ran into one in the living room the other night) and there are other bugs that are biting Ruby and I in our sleep (and possibly all the time I just don't notice as much). That either means we have fleas or bed bugs. Yuck.

If it's bed bugs we'll have to have an exterminator do all sorts of crazy things but if it's fleas we might be able to treat it ourselves with borax.

I did LOTS of reading today and borax kills fleas as well as repels roaches. It's not totally safe (as in you should eat it, touch it in full concentration or inhale it directly) but it's not as toxic as a lot of the stuff exterminators use.

So we're going to think about it more this weekend (and possibly rip all of our carpet out, which we've wanted to do and just haven't yet) and I have an appointment to get a free estimate with an exterminator on Monday.

Does anyone have any advice/wisdom/experience with any of this? Has anyone used borax or found an exterminator that they highly recommend (or one that we should avoid)?

I hope you all have a wonderful (and pest free) day!

p.s. I was going to put a photo of a pest but then decided against it. I don't want to see anyone of them and I'm sure you don't either. Here's a pretty fall photo instead. It's by Etsy seller ParallaxPhoto. Oh, how I miss MN autumn...


Brad & Jen Windle September 29, 2008  

ok first....yes borax is amazing! I sprinkled it in all the corners of this apartment and cleaned like crazy with it all over the place and still's amazing! Second, use Adam's Exterminating! Brad grew up/friends with the son of the owner and he also works for them. Dustin came over and spent like 2 hours talking w/ me about any problems and really getting outside so they don't have a chance at coming in! You want to get a hold of them soon or else you will have the problem I did with roaches back in college...I will spare you:) ok so call them!

The Rozell Family September 29, 2008  

I have lots of experience with Fleas! Lets talk. We have dealt with lots of different bugs, natural exterminating vx. traditional. We would love to talk with ya'll