We got a little sick but we're still here!

Hello Friends. It's been a long week but here we are again, we made it.
Just being alive another day feels good. I've been working on taking time to breathe and be grateful for that breath and my life and the lives of my family and all that we're blessed with.

We had a cold last weekend and Ruby is still fighting off a stuffy nose but it doesn't really bother her and she's as smiley as ever. We caught her giggling a little on video last night so we can look back in, well, a few weeks, and see how much she's grown. She's bigger every time I pick her up it seems.

Last Friday night we celebrated Carissa's birthday in total 80's glory and it was a blast. The pictures are on our other camera so maybe I'll get some posted this weekend. There's really no way to prepare you for how awesome and how frightening those pictures are.

I think I mentioned a few days/weeks ago that I got my haircut but then I never posted any pictures. Well, it wasn't much of a cut so you didn't miss out. I had been growing my hair so when I went to get it styled I was hesitant to have him really cut it as I'm sure many of you can relate to. But of course just a few days later it was up in pony tails again and that's when I know it's time for a change. So here it is - my new, new haircut courtesy of my friend Lisa who's fabulous with a razor blade. Thanks Lisa!

We're enjoying the cool mornings and evenings and I'm starting to plan for the fall thinking about home decor, baked goods and casseroles. A lot of what fall means to me is tied up with food. I try not to make fall type foods in the spring and summer which means in Texas there's a smaller window for all those wonderful foods. Of course our oven is on the fritz so I'm going to have to get creative with my use of the crockpot and stove. Anyone have any great fall recipes that don't involve an oven? I've heard that you can bake in a crockpot but never tried it before - this might be the week!