I'm usually the last person to know about new movies or anticipate a new film (the list of movies I "need" to see is so long that I've stopped adding to it) but this film is one I'd like to see opening night. Rather than confuse you with my less than exemplary summary skills I'll just direct you to the website where there are lots of resources for you to learn about the film. You can watch the trailer, read about Kirk Cameron refusing to kiss his "on screen wife" (awesome), get ticket/theater info, learn about fireproofing your own marriage and more!

I'm definitely in favor of having my money go to this movie rather than a cheesy chic-flick or a gory horror movie (yuck!).
Would anyone like to join me for a movie?


katieface October 01, 2008  
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katieface October 01, 2008  

The voice-over guy's line at the end was decidedly cheesy, but were I still in Texas, I'd see it with you. Let me know how it is!

*Sorry I removed the other comment. I spelled something wrong, lol.

Betty Beguiles October 02, 2008  

I was worried that this would be a little too heavy on the cheese but I LOVED it! I was a sniffling mess! LOL!