No-Sew Crafts on the Horizon

I have been really wanting to sew lately but my sewing machine is broken. Blah. I'm sure if it were working, however, I wouldn't have such a desire to use it. Oh well. I'll just save up all my ideas for later.
Not being able to sew has made me look into other methods of being crafty and I've learned quite a bit. I'm going to make Ruby a new mobile out of felt and hand stitch/embroider it. I saw one online I liked but now I don't remember where... Here's a similar and also very cute one from

I'm also going to give freezer paper stenciling a try. I wanted to screen print but after looking into it and different methods I decided the freezer paper was much cheaper and easier with similar results. Here's a tutorial I found and liked for those of you not familiar with the Freezer Paper Stencil process. Maybe after I get sick of that I'll move onto screen printing. The only problem is that I'm not sure what to stencil... I'm only so creative and unfortunately deciding to stencil clothes is about as far as I've got. So if anyone has any super awesome ideas or any cool websites that might offer some inspiration (read: designs to copy) let me know!!!
In any case, Have a wonderful weekend!
Oh, and I'm getting very excited for fall - I just got the latest issue of Rachel Ray magazine and there were all kinds of good cool weather recipes as well as a few neat ideas of how to use a pumpkin for something other than a jack-o-lantern. More on that later!