Days with Significance

I tried to write something memorable, heart felt and concise about what happened 7 years ago but to be honest, the day doesn't hold much personal significance; my life didn't change much. I don't know anyone personally who lost a loved one, a job or a dream. My life has remained normal. I see the impact in the airports, magazines and hear about the differences in the news but my daily routine doesn't seem to miss a beat. But I want to say that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I don't feel the impact deeper in my heart as an American and as a person. I can't imagine losing a spouse, a parent, a child or even a friend to such a tragedy but I'm praying that God will send people into the lives of those whose world's were upturned to show peace and love to them. This day is significant in history and in so many people's lives and I don't want to pass it by without acknowledging that.

This day will forever hold another significance for me. Today is the first day that Ruby laughed. She giggled in delight. My heart soared and I couldn't help but laugh with her. Her smile makes my day brighter and I praise God that He's entrusted her to me for these last three months and pray that He'll give me many more months and years with her. She's wonderful.