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I'd first like to share this ingenious tutorial by Flickr user ladinka on how to make a toddler one-piece outfit from an old tank top. I know Ruby is only two months old but she'll be toddling in no time!

I'd also like to tell you about a blog feature I found and read today. I stumbled upon a blog called Rocks in My Dryer and really like it. She's on a break right now but you can read all her old posts as well as her feature called "What I'd like for you to know." Four women speak about what they'd like people to know about being the mother of a dozen children, being the mother of a stillborn baby, being the wife of a deployed soldier and being the mother of autistic children. I really learned a lot from reading each woman's entry.

I was inspired by these women and thought about writing my own "What I'd like you to know" but it's going to take me some time to get my thoughts together. My life isn't one that people would associate with difficulty or misunderstanding but I'm finding more and more that writing is therapeutic for me and so I'm working on putting my entry together if for no one else than for me. It's tentatively titled "What I'd like you to know about being a selfish, sinful woman responsible for another life."


ziptieisthenewducttape August 07, 2008  

I'm working on one called, "What I want the world to know about my beautiful wife, who is a wonderful mother and gives sacrificially of herself because she is bursting with Love".

I LOVE YOU GINGER, you are the best friend a guy could ask for and the best Mommy a little Ruby girl could hope for!

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