My new table

Some photos for you, finally! And hopefully a few more tonight if we can get all our technical ducks in a row... or something.
Two weeks ago Chuck's dad and his wife visited to see Ruby and help celebrate Dominee's graduation. He brought with him news from CO and my brand new dining room table!!! Yes, three exclamation points. It's awesome. So here it is. I love handmade things and love that my father-in-law made me something that will get loved for many years.
You can see some of his other projects on his website Ranch Classics. His wife, Maggie, makes journals and photo frames also and will probably be opening an etsy shop soon. I'll keep you posted.

Congrats Dominee!


Randi August 21, 2008  

Wow! The table looks beautiful!!

Whose blog is this?

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Chuck grew up in Texas while Ginger was blossoming in Minnesota unaware that she would marry her brother's best friend and live in the South. They've been married 6 years and have two sweet babies. Ruby is 3 and Enzo is going on 2.