I'd only need a crow bar, right?

How about this for a kitchen? Yeah, I thought so. I doubt it's as easy as I'd like it to be to rip out all my cabinets and install shelves though. Probably not. I'll run it by Chuck and see what he thinks. What if I rip out all the cabinets????


Kim August 22, 2008  

if you rip out all the cabinets and get started on it, he'll have no choice but to help you finish it. works like a charm on most husbands. :P

i've come up with a price for you, and i need to email you about it. we can get that pic done for your announcement.

Catherine August 23, 2008  

If you rip out all of your cabinets, then Ruby will be into EVERYTHING when she gets older. I would wait until she's older to tackle such a task! You don't want her pulling up on a ceramic bowl or anything.

Whose blog is this?

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