Excuses, Excuses

So sorry I missed another post yesterday, but when Chuck would have been showing me how to post pictures we were at the emergency room instead.

Chuck was screwing a screw into something and the screwdriver slipped and the drill bit went into his finger. It made a deep "puncture" as he called it. I personally didn't inspect it as I avoid that sort of thing. I just looked up an emergency care center and got us packed up to go. It only took a few hours and he didn't even need stitches but it did prevent us from doing anything else with our evening.

Right now I'm listening to the rain and the little squirmy noises of my baby who is supposed to be falling asleep. I love quite afternoons like this. I also love that the air conditioning isn't even on because the rain has made it a delightful temperature today. Days like today make me really ready for fall. They also make me really miss MN because fall there is so beautiful. I bet I'd like fall on the east coast too. If anyone lives out there, or somewhere that has a wonderful fall, let me know how you like it.

Also, have a pleasant Monday.

p.s. You can learn more about birth centers and find one near you at the American Association of Birth Centers.


Catherine August 23, 2008  

We lived in NC when we first got married. THink hurricanes, humidity, and bad hair! In the summer, it would be like 95 degrees, but as soon as you stepped outside, you were damp because it was sooooo humid. Winters were nice, we got a little bit of snow. When David and I were dating, he would fly me up there and every time I came to visit, it would snow and he would get an extended weekend :). It was great. I kind of miss seasons...you know, other than hot, really hot, slightly cooler, and winter.

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