A drop in the bucket

 I had big plans to blog each day in August and I've already missed three four (I started this post yesterday) and today is pretty much gone.

My desire to blog more often is three fold.

1. To rekindle and improve my photography skills - although I can't promise to have a picture with each post as I'm having USB issues

2. Because secretly deep-down I'm disappointed when blogs I enjoy reading aren't updated each day and I don't want to disappoint anyone

3. I wish my family were closer and I know they wish they were too so I need to keep them updated as my life changes and Ruby grows each week (and each day, she's growing so fast!)

So... Today I'd like to tell you about how Ruby is growing and developing.

Just in the last week she's increased her happy alert time as well as her ability to react to people and smile. She smiles at me everyday and even plays with me a little. If I gently poke her bottom lip she smiles and seems to understand that we're having fun. She's laughed a few times but not really in response to anything yet. I'm really looking forward to her giggling. She's quite the talker, also and has a very big voice for such a little person.

Here are a few pictures of her smiling one at my brother's apartment and the other at Transform (a really cool service project we did this summer and last - transformdfw.com).

Unfortunately another development is that she's not sleeping at night (1am to 5am this past week) so I'm a little bleary making my resolve to post each day seem daunting. Hopefully it was a week long phase and we're going to grow out of it soon.


Court August 06, 2008  

She's precious! I get sad too when blogs aren't updated and then I have to remember that I am by far the worse about keeping mine up to date!

GO GO Gordons August 08, 2008  

She's beautiful! We need to get together sometime soon.

katieface August 11, 2008  

She was so smiley that night at our place. She's adorable, Ging, and now I'm really hungry for Pappasito's salsa. *sigh* No Pappasito's here...

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