Alas, the computer situation is the same and I have no pictures avaliable to post. I've taken lots! But none are on this computer and I don't know how to get them here. Sad day.
I also have a baby that's decided to sleep all day for two days and then not sleep at all for two. We'll see if this is going to be a regular occurance. If so, I'll post a few for two days and then not at all for two.

Chuck's dad and his wife were up this weekend to see us and his sister's graduation. They brought us a new dining room table that his dad built. Totally awesome. You can see some of his other work on his website here.
I love having a table that was made by someone who loves my family and I know that it's going to get loved and used and enjoyed for years and years.

Well, I've got to pick up my crying baby now. Have a great day! Hopefully I'll have some better posts for you this weekend.


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Chuck grew up in Texas while Ginger was blossoming in Minnesota unaware that she would marry her brother's best friend and live in the South. They've been married 6 years and have two sweet babies. Ruby is 3 and Enzo is going on 2.