Having a two and a half month old who doesn't sleep the same way day after day is not congruent (that doesn't sound like the right usage of that word but I can't come up with the appropriate word... that's been happening a lot lately) with posting each day I've decided.
I've also decided that Ruby is officially teething. I bought her a teething ring yesterday from Etsy seller PappysWoodworks and hope she likes it. I like it. Of course she may not actually get any teeth yet, they could just be rubbing against the surface and bugging her. The teething tablets I got from one of my baby showers are really helping though. And she's slept through the night for 4 night now! Yay! And she went right back to sleep this morning so hopefully she'll catch up and not be so cranky and spacy. I'll get Chuck to sort out all the computer issues today so I can post pictures.

We've had some awesome rain the past few days and I'm hoping it will stay cooler today and into this week. That would be awesome. Ruby and I took a walk yesterday and didn't even break a sweat!! I know that the heat will last well into September (or longer) here but I can't wait for cooler weather! Mainly because I don't like to sweat and I love scarves. Love them. When I get my money saved these will be part of my fall wardrobe. (click the picture to go to the seller's page!) Of course I found more autumn goodies but most were a bit out of my price range so I didn't bother to put them on here. Etsy is just packed with cool stuff. Well, until next time, have a wonderdful weekend!


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