Pictures at last!

Happy Weekend!
So here are some pictures of Ruby to make up for my lack of posting pictures. We finally got the internet and the photos coordinated - thank you Chuck my wonderful techy husband!
The first one is Ruby in her "baby legs" leg warmers and her headband. The other three are arm length portraits that I took of us the other day in hopes I would get a good one for an announcement or at least to hang on the wall. Hopefully I can save my pennies and have my friend Kim take some of her and get some really good ones. Enjoy!


The Mays Family August 24, 2008  

These pics are great although the last one is my favorite. I got a new sewing machine so i am going to try to give sewing a try.

katieface September 05, 2008  

I love these. The top and bottom ones are my favorite. I miss you guys.

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