The Nursery!

I've finished most of the painting in the nursery and am working on the details! I'm having a lot of fun dreaming up sewing projects and thinking about color. Here are a few pictures to help with the visualization. The walls are a few shades of cream with an overall sponge effect. Very soft and soothing. None of the photos really do it justice so when I get more in the room and take more photos you'll get to see it.
I've painted a chalkboard on the closet door that might get some more embellishment but maybe not.
And here's the curtain fabric, very dramatic.
Also, I've decided - after much mind changing I'm constantly reminded - that orange, purple and teal will be the colors of choice for accents. I have some vague ideas of circus's or theatrics but I don't want the room to be "themed." I am, however, very taken by this little mobile so maybe I'll get it or just make one similar. Have a lovely Sunday!


Brad & Jen Windle March 25, 2008  

i love all your original! Can't wait to see it!