The long awaited photo! So it's not even a good photo but I've got to
start somewhere. Now that I know how to do it and, like this post, can
email from Chuck's phone, I'll post more pictures more often.


ziptieisthenewducttape March 06, 2008  

Yeah baby tummy!

Brad & Jen Windle March 10, 2008  

this is too cute! 'HE' will be such a beautiful baby! haha i'm going to get so much crap when it turns out to be a girl! :) i go back and forth but i'm stinking to my guess!

Erica Beesch April 02, 2008  

WOO HOO PREGGO!!! Oh Ginger you are so cute!! and Your having a boy for sure your stomach is much to big for it be a girl. Congrats darling, I'm so happy for you!