I've had a lot of people ask me about my baby registry lately and realized that I hadn't shared my awesome find.
I stumbled upon Kaboodle.com while I was scouring the internet for alternative baby registry sites. I didn't want to have to pick just one store like Target or Babies-R-Us because although they have lots of good stuff they didn't have everything I wanted. And then I found Kaboodle!

It's sort-of like a facebook for shoppers. That being said you don't have to keep it up like you would a facebook, or even meet/interact with any of the other users. You can simply create your free account and build a wishlist (or in my case a baby registry) and send the link to friends, family, etc. around Christmas or whenever. You can even just make your wishlist and then the next time you've got $30 extra dollars you can remind yourself of that awesome find instead of blowing it on coffee and snacks (or am I the only person that does that?).

So anyway... you add the "add to kaboodle" bookmark and then go shopping. Whenever you find an item you want to add you select that bookmark and it pulls up a page that has you put in info about the item. You can add comments and all kinds of stuff! It's really easy. If you want a better idea of how it turns out you can check out mine.

On another note, I'm painting the nursery AGAIN but I'm almost done this time so I'll post photos and an explanation soon. Hopefully tonight! Have a great afternoon! :)