at least the car doesn't leak

So what's the latest? Well...
We bought a new vehicle. We got a new red Kia Rondo and I really enjoy it. There's lots of room for babies without it being a van or an over sized SUV. They took our Kia Rio as a trade in even! God really paved the way for us because we thought we wouldn't be able to get anything for a few months but the deal was perfect! I'll have Chuck post a picture soon as the photos are all on his phone - I have no idea how to get pictures off of our camera - that lesson will have to happen soon.

Also we discovered that our roof leaks this morning at about 1 am. After a rousing trip to Wal-mart for a few things like a ladder, Chuck was able to staple some tarps to the roof to stop the leaks and now he and my brother are in the attic/on the roof making more permanent repairs.

On a related note, I've know this for a long time but discovered once again today that Chuck doesn't see a separation of work and play clothes. He got home from work early, gathered a few things and went up on the roof - in his work clothes. Nice shoes, un-ripped jeans and a polo shirt. It's not that Chuck doesn't have "play" clothes - he does - it's that most of them have become play clothes because he wore work clothes to do very dirty things, like change oil, or paint, or fix the roof! Luckily I saved the clothes today and hopefully will be able to keep a better eye on his wardrobe. He's just so talk oriented that sometimes his focus skips over things like changing shoes. I love him so much and he really makes me smile. I have a feeling, however, that our children will lack the work/play clothes discernment as well so pray that I don't loose my sense of humor before then.


Suz March 15, 2008  

Hey!! I was poking around reading blogs this morning and found yours, I'm so excited! By the way, we noticed the new car, very nice! We're looking forward to hanging out again soon, we need to find out a time to do dinner, but we'll do it at our place this time :)

Suz March 15, 2008  

Actually, I would LOVE to com help garden next week if you need some help! I got mine all planted and now I just have to wait :( Also, I have tons of Soybean seeds if you want some...I couldn't plant nearly all of them myself. And, Carissa and I can't wait for the baby shower, we'll definitely be there! What time are you having people over tomorrow night? I go to the 5pm service at Highland Village, but I should be back here around 7, so we might stop by if that's ok. We'll figure out at time for dinner, too!